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About Karet

Ever since I was a child I remember loving to choose what accessory I would wear that day, such as pendant or hairband, to match my mood or fashion! When I was about elementary school age I started to create my own jewellery with anything I could find such as mixing and matching my plastic beads with acorns in the park and connecting them with bits of wire found on packages! 

I believe that any material can be transformed into a special item of jewellery with time and care. 

While staying true to my Japanese roots my handmade jewellery is deeply influenced by my many travels around the world in aspects such as the use of colour, textures and traditional handcrafting techniques. Mixing and matching all these experiences gives me the ideas helping me to create pieces that are unique and meaningful. 

After I moved, the breathtaking nature of British Columbia, Canada, inspired my work of art and expanded my style.

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